Saturday, January 28, 2012

new year/new crop of students

Our year is off to a great start thanks to Peggi Kroll-Roberts and her intensive three-day oil workshop, Still Life and Costumed Figure Painting.  Artists flew and drove to Lodi, CA, from far and wide, including two different regions of Texas.

Students ranged from established artists to those who were just starting in oils.  Peggi gave everyone loads of individualized attention.  She never sat down!  Our local artisan bakery, The Dancing Fox, was the most popular spot for lunch, located just a half block from the Gallery.  More than one student stopped by again on their way home to pick up a loaf of pear and walnut bread and a few cookies.

Check out our workshop schedule for 2012 at the Gallery's website.


  1. Nice post about the workshop. Thanks for your hospitality and great intense 3 days of study.

  2. What beautiful studies from this workshop! Looks like it was ultra-productive. I am so happy you have started a blog! Thank you for sharing your travels, ideas and workshop experiences, and I look forward to your "food" posts as well.