Saturday, January 28, 2012

getting out of town!

In early January my husband and I drove from Lodi to Los Angeles;  a quick 6 hour drive
on 5, to attend the L.A. Art Show.  It was fun to pass the location of Randall Sexton's painting, Oil and Water, currently hanging in the gallery's California Vernacular show.  I tried to pull off the freeway and take a picture but Stefan yelled, "No, no, no!"  Yeah, stupid.

I went to look the show over to determine if I wanted to have a booth there in 2013. It's held in the LA Convention Center, a place with confusing parking and little ambience.

Arcadia Gallery
Divided into two parts, Modern & Contemporary and Historic & Traditional, the Historic & Traditional makes up the smallest portion of the show.

Madison Gallery

Steven Stoops, Stevens Fine Art
What is the value of these shows?  They seem to be springing up in every major city.  Are collectors seeking out the shows or are the crowds largely made up of people who are attending purely as entertainment?

Los Angeles is its own art show.  The architecture!  The beaches!  The people!   The L.A. Art Show did have have many wonderful works, I'm just not sure of the mass merchandising setting.  Still, it was nice to get out of town.

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